Queensland Music Festival

Terms and Conditions

Queensland Music Festival will transfer $15,000 by 1 May 2019 to the nominated bank account of the recipient of the 2019 Emerging Female Singer-Songwriter Fellowship (Carol Lloyd Award).

The successful applicant must complete their selected project within 12 months of the award being presented:

  • Record an album (minimum of 10 original songs)
  • Record an EP (minimum of 4 original songs) with an accompanying 6 show tour, which must include 2 non-metropolitan Queensland concerts and 1 Brisbane concert.

The fellowship will be awarded:

  • annually in 2018 and 2019
  • once to an individual female singer-songwriter
  • once per applicant

This award does not support:

  • the cost of purchasing musical equipment
  • any costs associated with a project or program that has already commenced

Each applicant will be given 12 months from the date the award money is presented May 1 of the relevant award year) to complete the chosen task (album or EP plus tour). If you fail to complete your chosen task within the 12-month period, you will be required to pay back the $15,000 prize money to Queensland Music Festival and you may become ineligible for further Arts Queensland funding in the future.


All successful fellowship recipients will need to acknowledge Queensland Music Festival, Arts Queensland, APRA AMCOS and Hutchinson Builders support in all published material associated with the fellowship in text or logo format. For further information about the use of logos and a standard text acknowledgement please email claward@qmf.org.au.

Proposal Variation

Fellowship funds cannot be used for any activities except those specified in your application and the program’s guidelines and letter of offer, unless a variation of the funding agreement is sought and approved in writing by Queensland Music Festival.

You should advise QMF in writing immediately if there are any changes to:

  • Timelines
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Anything else that would alter outcomes of the fellowship from your original application.

If you anticipate any possible changes, you should contact Queensland Music Festival. If you fail to obtain written approval for any changes made, you may be required to repay the award money.

Download the Carol Lloyd Award Guidelines as a PDF

Contact Queensland Music Festival

For any further information about the Carol Lloyd Award or help with your application, please contact: